1. Login or SignUp to Menyuu Platform
  2. Go to Categories Tab and create categories that based on your product/food categories. You may enter label like : Breakfast, Main, Drinks and etc.
  3. OR arrange it the categories sequence that you wanted to present in the mobile phone.
  4. Once you’re done with your categories, you may proceed to the product tab and create your product list.
  5. While you are adding product details, remember to add / tag the related category, so it your products will be shown based on the categories has created.
  6. After you uploaded all your menu items, go to tables tab and scan any table QR code and check the outlook of your menu.
  7. Go to the top right corner,  click on your name and choose “Customize Sticker”
  8. Style your own store sticker and choose your preference sticker size and click on “Print Customized Sticker”
  9. Select Tables and Export Sticker that you needed
  10. Once you printed your table stickers you may stick on the table accordingly and start experience with Menyuu.