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Inspired by difference.

There’s an App for everything! Over the last couple of years, there is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate, interact, collaborate, search, organize, buy and sell. And, Squincy addresses this perfectly for your organization and your brand.
Mobile has rapidly become the dominant technology in the modern world. Smartphones and tablets have rapidly overtaken PCs as the most popular computing devices and is accelerating the introduction of innovative business models. There are now more mobile devices than people in the world and Squincy has position itself at the forefront of that disruption by helping you speed innovation and extract maximum value from data, services and apps.
As your comprehensive mobility partners, we bring you the differentiators your business is looking for! From defining and implementing a comprehensive mobile strategy suited to your specific needs, our solutions solve a wide variety of real business problems around employee engagement, performance management, learning, customer reach out, brand building, process optimization, content enrichment and behavioural change.

About us.

Squincy was founded in 2012 and have enabled organizations from startups to large enterprises make their current operations efficient. We provide end-to-end services and solutions in mobility, omni-channel, IoT and cloud technology. Armed with a team of experts in consulting, UX design, application development, integration and testing, along with experience in mobility and cloud, we offer a wide range of services across industry verticals. We work with the government agencies, multinational companies and innovative start-ups. We have offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

Our vision.

To connect socially, collaborate in the market place, share ideas, and partake in an ever evolving alternative economy.


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