Bringing Jobs Closer

The leading edge in recruitment and employment using location intelligence technology.

We connect skilled talent with local business on a single mobile platform.

Jobs seekers look to earn closer to home while businesses look to hire flexible talent nearby to fulfil work task.
Discovering job opportunities and talents is so much easier with Eyewil!

The Evolution of Recruitment Technology.

Other Benefits

1) Automated Pre-screening Interviews

Eyewil allows employer to automate pre-screening interview questions as soon as job seekers apply for a job to cut down the recruitment time while engaging job seekers more actively. This helps to assess job seekers quickly to qualify the best company cultural fit and requirements.

2) Convenience with Job Advertisement Templates

Eyewil creates a starting point for employers to create a job with ready-to-use job posting templates. Past job postings can be retrace to be repost as NEW once again! Job postings made easy with Eyewil.

3) Wil Talks Chatbot

Virtual assistants that are available 24/7 to answers any queries posted by the employers. From the request of job postings management and pricing packages to gathering of feedback; Wil Talks is there for you.

Growing You and Your Community
We build a community around Eyewil.

Every day, there are needs that exist within our local community, such as small house chores, part-time jobs or manpower issues for local businesses.
Let’s play an important part in helping local businesses to grow.
As everyone loves to have a successful community revolving around them.

Did we say the Eyewil app
is visually impaired- friendly?

Provide a job to the visually impaired and special needs community to give them an equal employment opportunity.

Let’s talk to discover possibilities